Online since 1996, hosts the collective 'net projects of a few dozen friends in the U.S.

May 20 Added a CDN to improve page load time
Oct 12 Switched to responsive CSS to improve mobile experience
Apr 13 shut down
Nov 18 Removed gadgets for now-defunct iGoogle
Mar 05 Added Home Price Graph, a tool for checking housing price changes in your area
Nov 17 Added Reducing Junk Mail, my short guide on freeing my home's mailbox from unwanted piles of paper
Apr 05 Added Trace Explorer, an Internet routing visualization tool
Jan 27 The World Sunlight Map and Moon Phase images now look a bit better
Jan 23 Added a World Sunlight Map gadget and Moon Phase gadget
Oct 28 Optimizing page load time added and was quickly featured on Slashdot, Digg, etc.
May 25 Moved secondary nameserver to Cyberverse's Dallas datacenter
Jan 13 The New York Times ran a short blurb about the World Sunlight Map
Jul 14 Google ads added to and Linux man pages
Jun 17 Linux man pages reformatted nicely
Feb 27 online dictionary added
Jan 08 United States National Debt analysis added
Dec 05 TCP tarpit module accepted by maintainers of Linux iptables